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Rog 5s pro question

Star I

Hello, so I dropped my not a month old 5s pro and the display glass cracked. After looking everywhere I found a third-party repair service in my city. They told me everything will be original when replaced and same as new. (They ordered the screen online, and will arrive in a week) . When I search for screens I only get "amoled"LCD??? Screens as results. So my question is is there something I'm missing since amoled and LCD are different things and in the worst case if I get a LCD will the downgrade be enormous? The price for the fix and parts is around 300chf sameish as 300usd. Also I'm scared it won't get the 144hz rr. Anyone had a screen replaced? Thanks.



Since your device may have been serviced at a repair center that is not affiliated with us, we are unable to comment on the reliability of the parts they provided. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.