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ROG 5 dead!

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Hi Guys
I bought my Rog 5 waiting for white color to be in stock for weeks and ordered finally and got the device on 10Jun and its been 6months now and today mrng all of a sudden the phone was dead when listening to music in bluetooth earphone and when i charged it thinking battery might be dead for abt 45 mins phone didn't turned on and after that i took to asus service center in chennai (F1 solutions in Mountroad chennai-600002.

After inspecting for 2hrs they said the phone motherboard is dead and they will change it under warranty....but when i checked in internet and in asus own zentalk forum itself almost 75% of Rog 5 users complained about the phone motherboard dead issue and in that 75% almost more than half people have said even after changing motherboard their phone again dead in the next couple months.

I paid 50k and waited almost 2-3weeks to order the white color when it was in stock and i don't even have games installed in the phone...and my phine temperature never gone over 45 in armoury crate I am a light user and i own asus zenfone 5 for last 4years and had it running even now without an issue...that's why i made an upgrade again in asus brand itself.

But now i am completely dissatisfied seeing the amount of people that is almost 75% of rog 5 users posting this motherboard or wifi chip failing issue and asus/rog haven't responded or given any statement publicly acknowledging this issue.....

I don't want a phione with motherboard change which will have different IMEI number apon motherboard change and will not have the IMEI as in the box i got....this will hit the resale value in phone selling websites like chasify and also i didn't paid Rs.50,000 to get a phone opened of its new seal and replaced motherboard in 6months of use and i cannot be assured that it will happen again in next 6months or once over warranty....

So either I need a new Rog phone 5 replacement with product packaging box with same IMEI as the phone inside it or a refund of my money i paid.

I will not go and get my device back from service center even if they fix the device, I am not interested in getting my Rs.50,000 device opened and motherboard changed in 6months.

I have all the proofs of customers who have raised complaints regarding the same issue that has happened to them as well as how they got the same issue back even after replaceing motherboard once and your side now asking them to get motherboard change for 2nd or 3rd time even after same issue.

So I don't want this issue to happen for me as well....I for now will accept replacement if you can provide me a new device with product packaging box or a refund....if you force me to get the same phone with changed motherboard i will then have no other way rather than to file a case against asus/rog in consumer court India and escalate the issue further with all other customers who faced the same situation.

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Well.. Sad story but I'm not sure why you post this here and why your story should be different than one of the 19176619294 equal posts in this forum with the very same arguments and the very same "promise" to go to the consumer court.
What do you expect to happen except the same default message from the mods to post your imei to them.
Not sure what your point of discussion or your question is.

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we just need to make a class action suit in court .... this does not suit me either, but asus does not give a shit, they change the boards, open the phones after which he has another one, as well as a crookedly glued lid ...

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Hi Sibi,
Please check your PM and share the details.