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Rising Star II
Because My phone twice changed. Performance Downclocked.I told service engineer ,customercare,SQM, Branch Manager But No use!
They are all same tell on our way.No replacement,I give warrenty use a defect mobile on year ? 7 days replacement only .If after buying a mobile is defects on 10 th day what all are go that?
1.Cpu Not throttle it locking at low mhz
2.I tried all types afterboard replacement phone only get 1.42ghz,1.08ghz .These firmware tests 200,210,226,229. in the row all firmware cannot throttle.Game like choppy .Not like smooth,Screen Record video also choppy .It's not like butter game play before buy the phone.
3.I go for a12 update try it that update very worst update because the phone any settings it go 835mhz locked only.Battery drain,Fps shutters,Heat,Strange things of a12
4.Again Go back A11 .83 version better for me but not good because that version only 2.04ghz go.But game play like a 15k budget Mobile .
5.i compare many units rog series after last batch manufacture unit no problem .they are all thorttle .But 1st batch unit. All wifi defect issue go for replacement motherboards some worst issue like on shutdown .After asus give a cheap motherboard to customer.They are all installed that but no performance . Development team like a worst updates ever forever.
6.They are all trusted asus but they cheated
If any one suffer these kind of points to speak their our issue


Community Legend II
Hi hp9976802431,
You are creating multiple thread for same issue here.
I have already told you in PM - The performance downgrade is under review
I feel apart from this all things you are mentioning is just repeating your self.
Please let me know in DM what further help you need on this