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Rog 5 After (Android 13) Update

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After updating to Android 13 the sound of the speaker reduced and also the sound calibration of Dirac Audio is not working properly,also the wifi is not connecting automatically after update ,


Yes same hete

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Did we get solution on that...?? 

It's totally upsetting...

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After updating to Android 13 , the sound is not that of before this is very upsetting, if Rog is not having good sound what good then it have..!! 

Please fix this bring back those bass boosted sound levels...

Another thing please remove those black tint from wallpapers...

I hope in next update the sound issue will be fixed...🥺

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phone details - Rog 5

Serial number M3AIGF006713CS7

Firmware TKQ1.220807.001.WW_Phone-33.0210.0210.200-0

Android 13

Not rooted

Issues- volume issues , dirac is not working for which the bass Boost we were getting before is not working...

Others issue

Remove the black tint on wallpapers...

The navigation are but changed before where ver you swipe up recent app pops up but now the app drawer is opening...

Also the display to font size ratio is change the display size is bit bigger..

The main issue is the sound issue please fix that...

Attached a screen record...

Hello, thread is being closed due to an accepted solution.