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Potential cause of completely dead Rog5 phones

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First of all I want to mention this is a theory, but it seems to be rather solid and would like to ask people to give some information regarding their Rog5 phones death.
So as you guys know it isnt exacly unusual to kill your Rog5, every time one of these phones die they have been shorted. Today I had a talk with a guy on my discord and I explained to him how the modes work on a charger and a phone, however I was unsure which voltages the Rog3 supported so I took a look on the charger and there I found a potential culprit for our issue.
It seems the charger supports 20v mode, which is way to much for any phone to handle to my knowledge, if a powersurge like that gets blasted through the phone no wonder it will destroy the power IC.
As some people know, there is a certain communication between a charger and a phone, meaning the phones IC will tell the charger which mode to use and the charger will comply, however if this communication messes up, it can result in a catastropihc failure, much like some people have experienced here.
In order to investigate a little more I would like Rog5 users with completely dead phones (not powering on, black screen) to tell me:
Did your phone die while charging?
Did you use the original Rog charger?
Does your charger support 20v mode (look on the bottom of the charger for this)
If this theory holds water then I strongly suggest you get yourself a charger that supports max voltage of 12v, I believe the 20v mode is reserved for ASUS's low end notebooks and is absolutely not intended for mobile phones.
This also goes for the Rog3 users, altho its very rare the rog3 dies from this, there have been cases where the rog3 would die while charging, i had 3 cases reported to me and all 3 had been while charging.
I will repeat this, this is merely a theory right now, so do not quote this as a fact until we got way more data on this.

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I personally would like to see more people post tester readouts.

If you have a USB tester lets get some pics. If you don't have a tester, the one I used was approximately $15 USD on amazon.

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I did not die on charging, there is no charging connection at all, the motherboard was changed

obsurdical theory

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how much time it took to change?

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what kind of phone is this rog 5 ..its just 2 months old and today i just talked to my friend and kept in my pocket and after 10 mins i have removed from pocket i saw its off i thought charge is down..then i remembered it was full charged and i m trying to on it by all ways.. by charging by pressing volume down and power key but all are failed.. waiting for monday and to go service centre..