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Nfc payment doesn't work

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Nfc patent doesnt worki, I approach the smartphone to the terminal and nothing  reacts, on some terminals the message "use only one card" pops up. Strange, I only have one card connected to GPay, everything worked on previous phone. I use Android 13. I've tried everything, the latest firmware and updates have been uploaded, zenfone has just returned from the warranty, the nfc antena has been replaced with a new one and the problem still remains. Isn't this a problem with Twin apps feature? But i don't have this feature enabled on either the banking app or Google Wallet. Request for help


Zen Master I

What is your phone? Zenfone or Rog 5/5s.

Make it clear 1st

sory i didn't nktice i write in rog phone topic,  and yes i speak about zenfone 8 phone, i use both android 13 and when it doesn't work I try android 12 also didn't work, i try everything, factory reset, clear cache etc, and even blik payment without goay. I notice in some POS terminals shows only message: "please use only one payment card" - i use only one card, and I've got only sibgle google account  (I check pm 999 user and I don't have one) 

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NFC saya tidak berfungsi

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