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My Asus rog 5s became dead after update

Star II

i have posted my issue earlier too, but now i am telling this again.... Asus centre is asking for 54000 for change of motherboard.... issue with my phone started afte new update, first its wifi and hotspot stopped working and now phone too died.... As i was told to send my phone to centre, i did that and now i am attaching copy to service slip and also estimate provided by them.... @krish8323 this is my id on asus....



I have forwarded the information to the relevant department.
We will keep you updated and your consideration will be very much appreciated.

Can someone please reach out to me as well?? 54k for a mother board?? That's like buying a new one. Why would we waste 54k on buying a mother board for a phone that's been having issues since the purchase?? That's a scam