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My Asus rog 5 12/256 gb storage wifi and hotspot not working

HI i bought asus rog 5 and suddenly its hotspot and wifi stop working tell me what do I do its out of warranty but it's global issue can u plzz fix my phone


Zen Master II

The only solution to fix your phone is to replace your motherboard

No other solution besides that

I suggest you back up your data from now because your phone will die soon

Star I

Unbelievable! Asus rog5 is one of the worst my WiFi is not turning on !!!! And that after they already fixed the motherboard and replaced it a month ago! Not worth a dollar ! 

Get us out money back and recall your faulty phones immediately! This device didn't pass basic debugging and full of hardware and other faults , didn't even last for a year!

Its useless to complain now

I suggest you replace your motherboard once again and sell your phone

Hello, LiranAs I replied in another of your comment, I have sent you a private message for more detail information, please check. Thank you.