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Last update broke Android's Webview

Star I

Since yesterday, Asus had a security update that broke Android's Webview. All applications and webpages that depend on this component (quite a lot) do not function properly anymore. Furthermore, the copy paste function of codes received via SMS also stopped working. What a disaster....


Rising Star II

Ya SMS in particular seems to be broken as in notification i cant mark it as seen, its not working. 

Zen Master I

What version of WebView do you have? Because this update comes through the Google Play Store and is not dependent on Asus.

I have version 109.0.5414.118, it was updated yesterday. 

I am having a lot of problems with the phone, even to write this comment is imposs ible

Star III

if this issue repaired then try to not system update, it kills devices and symptoms are dead Wi-Fi and hotspot, unpredictable shutdowns and so on. If not believe see other troubled posts they all start with same pattern

Rising Star II


After update to .146 day before yesterday, battery is depleting fast due to this "OTHERS" in battery usage upto almost 10% which was not there before update. I checked into developer options in running services "Android Systems" are running too many processes in the background which again was not doing before update. 


Please look into it and if there is a solution, do let me know to fix it. Or OTA an update to fix this issue.