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Star I
Hi is it ok to cut the bumper case of the kunai? Coz i bought the aerocooler 6 for the rog 5s and the cooler wont fit the bumper case of the kunai

Zen Master III
You're sure it's AeroCooler 6 for rog5 and not Aerocooler 6 for rog 6, the same for the Kunai, the 2 models are called Kunai 3 but the shell is different, so normally these 2 accessories dedicated to rog 5 should work together !
Otherwise, it's just a piece of plastic, be careful to round off the cutout so that an angle does not cause a crack.
To answer your other post, no, Asus takes users for cash cows, the shell is not sold alone, it's their way of thanking their users for remaining loyal, re-paying all the accessories🤬

Star I
Yes im sure of it registered the product snd it says aeroactive cooler 6 for rog 5 i dont wanna buy a new kunai if the only problem is only the bumper case lol

Zen Master III
Sorry to tell you but it's stupid to create a new post for the same problem.
After analysis and research, if I understood correctly, what you want is to use the ROG PHone 5 + Kunai 3 + Aerocooler 6 (like the picture below but with the new fan)
So you will need ROG Kunai 3 Bumper for ROG Phone 5 with Aerocooler 6
This does not exist and will never exist, for the good reason that the operation is impossible, the designers of the Aerocooler 6 who are "Censored" have limited the USB port to the only charging function, the joint operation of Aerocooler 6 and Kunai 3 via USB is therefore impossible.
Don't change your phone for a ROG 6 because it's identical, you have to choose between playing in USB with the Aeroccoli 6 or with the Kunai 3
In addition, ROG Kunai 3 Bumper for ROG Phone 6 does not exist, an owner of ROG 5 and Kunai 3 is obliged to buy a new Kunai 3 if he wants a ROG 6 and he cannot use it with the fan.
It's so huge that we could think of a bad joke, unfortunately it's the current reality.
Do like me, don't buy anything from ASUS anymore and wait for the new Xperia 1 IV 8 Gen 2 with its gaming accessory.

Zen Master III
You had mentioned cutting the shell, don't do it, there are 2 reasons
First, the USB of the Aerocooler being limited to charging, it will therefore be useless since as soon as you plug it in you lose all the functions of the Kunai 3
The second reason is to completely forget a brand that allows itself to stop manufacturing an accessory after less than 15 months of marketing, if you break it, know that it cannot be found and that it will never be remanufactured.