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In Asus Rog 5s Seeking Assistance with App Performance Issue

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Hi hello knowledgeable community members  

      I recently purchased the Asus Rog 5s handset, and while I'm generally impressed with its performance, I've encountered some difficulties with certain apps not functioning properly. I'm reaching out to seek your insights and potential solutions to address these app-related issues.Have you experienced any app performance issues on the Asus Rog 5s handset? If so, which apps were affected, and what kind of problems did you encounter?Are there any known compatibility issues between specific apps and the Asus Rog 5s handset? Are there certain apps that are more prone to performance problems? Have you tried any troubleshooting steps or workarounds to address app performance issues on the Asus Rog 5s? If yes, what were the results?Are there any recommended settings or optimizations specific to the Asus Rog 5s handset that can help improve app performance? my handset is hanging sometime **bleep**ing annoying  that's time 

Thank you in advance for your assistance and valuable contributions to resolving these app-related issues on the Asus Rog 5s handset.


Community Manager
Community Manager
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