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In app adverts super loud volume

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1) Rog phone 5
2) 1.1.69
3) Not rooted
4) Very often with in game adverts
5) All apps with in game adverts
When I'm in a game. Adverts are played often at high volume. Even when all the volume options are low or even off. I almost het a heart attack. And I get unsure to use it in public places because public can get heart attacks to;-).
Please help me out. This is ridiculous.

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Model Name:
Firmware Version:
Rooted or not:
Frequency of Occurrence:
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):
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Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi @RogphoneVijf
We fixed this issue in .47. If you still encounter this issue, could you provide the game title and we will test it. Thank you.



【Model Name】

ROG Phone 5 (ZS673KS)

【Release Date】


Since the server pushes update notice to different serial numbers by batches, it may take some days for you to receive the FOTA notice. Thanks for your patience. You may tap “System updates” in [Settings] >[System] to check if there is new firmware available. Or, you can also try to manually update firmware by referring to the following link.

How to update firmware on my phone?

【Release Note】

  1. Updated Android security patch to 2021-04
  2. Fixed issue where 5G connection would unintentionally be regulated by system mode
  3. Fixed the icon cropping problem in App Drawer landscape mode
  4. Fixed the occasional popping problem of advertisements in the game
  5. Correct the narrative error in the protection clause of the privacy homepage
  6. Fixed the problem of too small Chinese text in photo album editing
  7. Fixed an issue with abnormal temperature display in Armoury Crate
  8. Fix issue where account sync would not automatically re-enable after changing system modes
  9. Fixed occasional failure to sleep or wake up the machine by pressing the power button
  10. Fixed issue with echo during calls
  11. Fixed issue so the accessory case for Zenfone does not appear in search settings
  12. Fixed an issue where the refresh rate for Chrome was locked when opening YouTube in a window
  13. Fixed an issue where notifications were displayed abnormally when calling with WeChat

[210521] ROG Phone 5 _WW_18.0840.2104.47