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Game Genie Crashing

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I've been using my ROG 5s, but recently airtiggers suddenly stopped working. There were moments when I restart my phone. Air triggers would work again but only for 1 gaming session. After closing and reopening a game air triggers won't work.

Then after a few days Game genie would crash whenever I select Airtriggers. After a couple days Game genie wouldn't open anymore and just crash every start-up. Already tried clearing cache & reseting my phone.


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This is happening all around the world, you are not alone, i do have that problem too. Like i said, the source of the problem mainly from their developer, but they won't admit it, because they claim Asus product is like a God product, no defect, no broken stuff, if the problem occur it is mainly from user because they are so perfect beyond God. What can you do now is just waiting, until they launch the newly software update which i predict will never come. you can check on my forum ROG Phone 5 Air Trigger Malfunction - ASUS - ZenTalk - 397454. I'm with you mate.


Hi @SkrotumFace 


I'm so sorry to hear about the issues you're facing. 


Regarding Game Genie crashing, can you please provide more information:


1. Screenshot of your software version
2. If you enable "Developer options" please first try to disable it
3. If issue persists, log and screenshot are required

How to get a log file and also screenshots:
1. Launch Calculator and enter ".19595+=" to launch log tool.
3. Tap "GENERATE" of "General cases" to start logging.
4. Please start reproducing this issue to make it occur, or just wait for it to happen
5. After issue occurs, take a screenshot (to record error message and time) and also go back to log tool and tap "FINISH AND SHARE".
6. After data exporting finishes (it may takes few minutes), tap "SHARE" with Google Drive.
7. Provide screenshot and log link.

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I fixed air triggers issue but there's a catch in order to fix this so first disable armory crate app
Then under settings so to apps and search air triggers by allowing system apps and then clear data and cache of air triggers then restart your phone and check the air triggers work perfectly and the catch is you won't be able to trigger x mode or colour system lighting but you can select long press and short press to enable x mode

Please try and let me know the fix whether this worked for you