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Confusion and frustration with Asus Rog phone 5 repair: motherboard replacement, misinformation, and

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I purchased my Asus Rog phone 5 in February 2021, but unfortunately, it stopped working in the first week of March 2022. When I reached out to Asus for assistance, I was informed that the motherboard needed to be replaced and that the repair would cost around Rs. 42,000. However, due to misinformation provided by the Asus team, I made several decisions that ultimately led to me requesting that the Asus service center in Ernakulam, Kerala e-recycle the device parts in September 2022.

Recently, when checking my Google account settings, I was prompted to verify my Asus Rog phone 5 in the 'Signed In Devices' section. To my surprise, it indicated that the phone was online just 270 days ago, which does not align with the timeline of events. Specifically, it has been over a year since the motherboard was reported as dead, and I was informed that the warranty had expired, so replacing the motherboard was my only option, even though it had been less than a week since the warranty expired. Moreover, I was told that my data would be removed during the repair process.

However, I wonder if the motherboard could have been fixed rather than replaced, or if there was a different issue altogether that led to the wrong diagnosis. If that is the case, it would have been possible to reuse the parts, which could have led to the false notification that my phone was online 270 days ago. As a result, it doesn't make sense to be asked to pay Rs. 41,000 to replace a dead motherboard that might have been fixable all along. Can someone please help me understand the situation!?🙏


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