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Bad software update

Star III
The latest software update on my ROG Phone 5 has the following issues:
1. WiFi icon won't activate upon tapping it.
2. Did a soft reset and a factory reset to try to fix the WiFi issue, nothing works- all the pre installed My ASUS apps have also disappeared.
3. Unable to restore back ups.
4. Unable to turn on WiFi
5. Can't make phone calls while downloading any app or data in the background using mobile data. The person on the other end can't hear me and I can't hear the other person.
Anyone else facing the same issue? I've purchased this phone in May 2021 and have been facing issues ever since.
There was a previous mic issue where other person on the call could only hear my muffled voice.
This issue got better after 1 software update in June. But the latest software update ruined my phone completely. I'm not able to use it for any purpose.
Also, I've used Aeroactive cooler while gaming for a couple of days. Could that cause this issue?
Any leads or help related to the issue described above?

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Can you reach me on I need your help

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@ARP_ASUS Bug: Sometimes Screen freezes for 3-5 seconds when playing BGMI..

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I also experience the microphone issue during calls. Sometimes the person I call can't hear anything through my mic and I have to hang up and call again to fix it.

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@ARP_ASUS Bug: Sometimes Screen freezes for 3-5 seconds when playing BGMI..

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The same with codm.