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ATTENTION to those who owns an ROG phone

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Just recently, my ROG phone 5 pro broke. This wouldn't be a big deal if I knew to myself that I actually broke the phone by my misuse, but out of all my phones, this one I took care of the most because it was expensive.

The first thing that I have noticed is that the buttons on my phone get stuck when the phone heats up due to gaming. This isn't a major issue, but after 2 years of owning the phone (not even using it in max settings to extend life), SIM 1 started to not work. I tried the safe mode technique to fix it, and it did work for the first time. It later stops working again and no longer works with any reboot.

Now for the weird part. Recently, my phone just died after I started it up to play a game. Every time the screen closes (like if you push the power button or the phone sleeps after a few seconds or minutes of not touching it) the phone enters this state where the screen is just black, but you know the phone is alive because the back LED is glowing red in a heartbeat rate, but you can't do anything with it. You have to hold the power button to manually shut it down, then hold it again to boot it back up. The screan would be back after the reboot, but it is very laggy, like 1 fps. You have to set it at 144 hertz to be usable, but after you turn it off, it will go back to that weird state. So, the phone is working; it just has a problem.

I want to have it fixed, so I went to the Asus service center. They said that it was a broken motherboard and that it would cost more than half of the phone to have it fixed.

I want to accept it as my fault, but someone I knew who recently bought an ROG 6 pro after it was released just broke like mine. Another person at the service center said that his ROG phone also has a broken motherboard.

So, is it my fault that my phone broke?

Just in case, for anyone who owns a ROG phone this may happen.


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Been reading around and it seems like a common issue tbh. Mines only a year old just out of warranty and I'm having the same issues. I haven't even finished paying it off so this is really upsetting. 


Hello, @Jmquieng .We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

In order to confirm your situation, would you please help provide the personal information requested by the PM inbox? I will help you confirm the repair details immediately.

Thank you.

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Необходимо покупать телефон с расширенной гарантией на 2 года.

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This is a common issue with the rog lineup from what ive seen on this thread. Since the phone is out of warranty and costs 3/4th the cost of the phone to fix, whats stopping the phone from dying the same way down the line? Imo try a trusted local repair center that does board level repair...