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Asus service centre did fraud with me

Star I

i have ROG 5S     it goes suddenly hang in screen  after it got switched off  after that i tried to on it  but it doesn't work 

so i sended it to Jammu service center thay told me u have to change motherboard of ur phone so i told them change it  

after changing the board it was mostly heating over 50° +  so called  the asus customer care the did respond me 

now after 3 months of replacing motherboard im facing the same problem screen off and all that  ..

now i goes to serve centre again i just told them check my phone what is the issue  thay just told me u have cpu issue    .

after that i told them is ther any repair part on motherboard they said yes  . after that i show them slip  of replacing of motherboard      thay are refusing it now   ..

they are asking me u repaired it outside...

is there any solution please 🥺🥺  tell me


sir i already mentioned my serial number of my phone  it's (  M9AIGF008513V75 )

I have forwarded the information to the relevant department.

We will keep you updated and your consideration will be very much appreciated.

Star I

Gand Phod do Aisa he karre har Jagah,

Bhain k loude sahi nahi banare phone