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Asus ROG Phone 5s Air triggers not working

My air triggers stopped functioning after I have given the phone to change the motherboard (Service done a year back). The motherboard change was because of the update the phone wifi was not functioning and then the phone got bricked afterwards.
The service centers are a joke, they responds to queries and concerns very vaguely.
Now after the motherboard replace, my air triggers are gone. I haven't used the triggers after the service. And now when I tried to use it is not working. the motherboard replace was done a year back and now only i thought of using the triggers and got to know the triggers are not working.
Not sure if it is due to the motherboard replace or if any other issue.


Star I

Me too!! My rog phone 5s air trigger is suddenly not working.may be 5 days ago, and I did not change anything.

just suddenly not working!

I tried to restart and reboot the device, but it did not work at all.