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Asus rog 5 12 gb massive frame drops in pubg . Any solution?

Star I

Hello i have rog 5 running on latest android 13 july update.. when i play pubg mobile i face a massive frame drop in game when there are enemies nearby , like from 90 fos the frame drops to 30 or 35 and the game becomes unplayable for the time enemies are nearby..

Please provide any solution for it. I tried x mode and gaming and hardcore tuning without any positive result..



Rising Star I

I am facing same issue on 8gb version. Did u get solution for this issue?

No bro all the solutions on internet are useless. Hardcore tuning or with cooler tuning or play in cold environment etc... i bought rog 6 but its also the same gets very hot and from the first match there is massive frame drops.. the only solution ill give tou is change ur device and buy a legion 2 or y90 or redmagic

Downgrade to android 11 is best option .Asus not interested to solve this issue on priority. also not replying. android 11 is best for Rog 5 . I am using from last 4-5 months. But for new security update and new features I upgraded to Android 13. And now I am facing frame drop issue.