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After servicing RGB light & Rear Cam 3 not working properly

Rising Star II

Today I got my phone after service, but best thing is RGB light is not working at all, Rear Cam 3 is hazzy.

Checked Double time but no resolve, The Engineer told me that after 10 Days asus will give an OTA update after that the RGB issue will be gone.

I laughted at him, how can a light is related with Software update? Hahaha

After that he told me to submit the phone again and come to this coming Tuesday

This is the after sales service of a authorised Service Centre, Really disappointed.. Distance is 50KMs how can I go often there???

Already told Customer care Asus, if you can help me with this thing I will be highly glad..

// Names redacted by moderator.
If any help come from your end it will be highly glad...

The best part is they are much confidence that they write in my bill that after OTA update from Asus my RGB light will be working properly 🤣🤣🤣🤣
On other side asus customer care told me RGB light not related with Software it's hardware..


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Hi Indr@@@@@123,
Really sorry, checking with you in PM for further process.