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Widevine L3 is showing in DRM

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In my Asus rog 3, i can not play the videos in HD in Netflix and Amazon as in the DRM info app it's showing widevine L3
Please help me.


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@ARP_ASUS I am facing the same issue. All of a sudden got downgraded to L3 a d now can't roll back. I am on .99 firmware and how come this is happening randomly

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Have sent you a DM already @PH

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I had the same issue on ROG 3 as you can see here
Local service center picked up my device from my home and they fixed the issue and delivered my device to me. It worked fine till today. Today morning when I checked again in DRM info the device went back to L3!!!!
This is unacceptable and it is appalling to me that how many issue this device has. So now what? I have to contact/visit service center again? and for how long? 2 months more and the issue will again reappear. Do I have to visit service center again and again? ASUS team please remember we are paying our hard earned cash to buy this phone.

@ARP_ASUS @Anders_ASUS Please reply

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@yashpandya295 I completely agree with you.. this is just a 50K rupees brick.... The dev team is eating shit and rolling out useless fix..everytime they try to fix ..they mess up something else..

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@ARP_ASUS I have responded and taking my phone to a service center is not a gets downgraded on its own again as in many cases and we can't format our phone everytime..asus should acknowledge this issue and announce a fix through OTA