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Why the Android 11 update was important

Hall of Fame I
Honestly I feel that I shat so much on the devs that a little positivity is due.
Yes, you didnt fix the color banding but you delivered a smooth, clean and bugfree Android 11 upgrade. The A11 is more bugfree than other Android 11 versions on other phones such as Oneplus 7T despite having much more features and applications to integrate. I also like how it's very clear that it's build from the ground up as many of the bloated test features are gone and overall it really feels like a bloat free, smooth and great experience.
Seing the absolute clown dunk fiesta at the Rog5 forum, I can only appreciate the fact that the devs took their time and focused on the Rog3 over the Rog5 showing their intent, that we the Rog3 users haven't been forgotten and that they do care. Sure they didn't get the color banding fixed, but as mentioned in other topics, I do think it has more to do with licensing and getting a green light from pixelworks than anything else.
I want to thank the devs for not half assing it and giving us a quality and bug free experience. I do take this as a sign, that ASUS does intent to eventually fix things and make sure their phones will not be a bugged mess forever, despite the Rog5 being in the state it is, I do believe that one day it will be bugfree, albeit with inferior performance vs its competitiors due to cooling design choices.
Even tho I am harsh and do critize a lot of things, I do appreciate your work and hope to see more quality updates like the A11 update in the future. I hope that the A12 update which I do think will happen on the Rog3 start of 2022 will be at the same quality as the A11 update.

Zen Master III
Couldn't agree more and the best way to describe it is , its PERFECT , battery life great , performance great , UI clean and buttery smooth and i must say if we compare to A10's 90hz , A11's 60hz is neck to neck coz of that extremely optimised animations of A11
Almost every other company have to stop updates coz of major bugs in initial release but thats not the case here and yea Asus took some more time but after using A11 , its worth the wait and man these optimization are crazy smooth
Yes , colour banding is still there and we wont stop complaining about that but we will also appreciate the attention devs gave in perfecting the UI and it turned out to be best software in Android Market , CHEERS!

Rising Star II
While it was a slow process to get here, what matters is that we have 11 now and it overall seems to be better than 10 in nearly every way.
Personally, I don't think I've run into any noticeable issues since the upgrade. I do appreciate the effort that went into squashing bugs and pursuing a smooth experience. I've had Android phones in the past where the general performance TANKED after an OS update.
The screen calibration issue is annoying, but liveable. I would just really appreciate some transparency as to what ASUS is doing about it, if anything. And if they're not, then why not.