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Vibration not working

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Hi my Asus Rog phone 3 vibration not working sometimes it starts working and sometime its not but past two days its completely stopped working and I am facing this issue from the day I updated my phone to latest firmware. I bought this phone because of gaming and without haptic feedback its not enjoyable and also I am not get vibration alert when I receive incoming calls or when I type on keyboard.


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Hi Aquib,
Please try the below steps:
Run SMMI test to check whether this is related to hardware
How to Enter SMMI_TEST (test hardware)
Go to Calculator=>type " .12345+= "
you will be entered to SMMI_TEST

If there is something to do with the hardware, please also factory reset your phone once.
You can also try downgrading your phone from Android 12 to Android 11 from the below steps:

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Please enable or disable "Vibrate on touch" in "Settings" -> "Sound & notification" -> "Other sounds".

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