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USB-C -> Jack dongle issues and my other thoughts after six months of using this great phone

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After using the phone for about six months, I've recently felt the need to use my wired earphones while running. Unfortunately, it's not possible with the provided dongle because of its poor quality. After connecting it just wiggles inside the port and disconnects randomly. Sometimes once every few seconds, and sometimes it works for about 20 minutes without disconnecting. Most of the time I can just press the button near the earphone (I'm mainly using ZenEar Pro from Zenfone 6) and music resumes playing because the cable falls into its place on its own again, but once in a while it just refuses to work and I have to carefully recconect the cable (of course it disconnects 50 % of the time when I put it back in my pocket).
Having said that, here are my two questions:
Are all ROG Phone 3 dongles designed to have such big amount of room inside the port?
Will a ~20 $ replacement from another company work, or is the audio solution proprietary?
Otherwise I'm still very satisfied with every other aspect the phone and I have to praise Asus devs, who've fixed the infamous black crush (at least for my taste). There is one small UI detail which still bugs me - lack of an option to hide the navigation bar, like in Zenfone 6. I've requested it in August and @Gustav_ASUS kindly offered to bring it as a suggestion for the future back then, but it sadly hasn't found its way into any of the updates. That's why I'm asking: Is there any chance that this feature gets added in any of the following updates, or is this stage of software development over?
I thank you in advance for any of your help and wish you a good day!
Further information regarding my first issue and the phone itself:
it's not the headphones fault, I've tested three different ones and they all connect perfectly to the female side of the dongle
other usb-c cables don't wiggle inside the port (e.g. the charger cable, or my other usb-a -> usb-c cable)
the issue occurs in multiple apps (Spotify, Google Play Music, Tidal, Youtube)
wiggling happens inside both ports, and I can't put the phone in my pocket with anything connected to the side port for obvious reasons, this unfortunately also rules out the jack port inside the cooler which works perfectly
Model Name: ROG Phone 3 (12/512 GB version)
Firmware Version: 17.0823.2012.131
Rooted or not: not rooted
Frequency of Occurrence: it varies (see above)
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): any app which is designed to play audio


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im pretty sure you can use any usbc to 3.5mm adaptor, no issues 🙂

i havnt used the included adaptor so i cant comment on the quality of it

while not hiding it, more swapping it for something else, if you got settings => display => system navigation, you can swap the navbar for the swipe gestures, hope this helps! or if you're wanting to hide it in certain apps im pretty sure you can enable full screen/immersive mode for certain apps and it'll hide both the status bar and nav bar for those apps 🙂

Hi, im using usb to 3.5mm jack but it does not seems to work. Where can i find the setting so it will work? Im using asus rog phone 6 with altec alg9605 + usb to 3.5mmjack but the jack doesnt seem to work where can i reset this setting 

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Thank you @botboy444 , that was quick 🙂
First things first, I'm going to try out another dongle tomorrow and let everyone know how it goes.
Secondly, I tried the swipe gestures before, but just sadly couldn't get used to it. Also, there is still a small bar on the bottom with the swipe gestures, so it's better but not perfect. I've also tried to hide the navbar via game genie and armoury crate, but it sadly doesn't work in apps which aren't games.

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My Asus dongle broke in the first 2 weeks of using it, went out and bought a Google one and it has worked flawlessly for 4 months without a single issue so far, very inexpensive too.