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Two questions related to ROG phone 3....pls hlp

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1. Is there any screen gesture option to Increase/Decrease volume? If not then can asus be able to provide that option through software update?
2. Can anyone provide me stable GCam download link? Because one which I have downloaded is getting crashed when I switch to selfie mode?

Pls assist asus team or anyone has info

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1. You can turn on the Accessibility Menu in Settings > Accessibility, from that menu you can control the volume.
2. You can try version 7.3 by Wichaya, Google it and you should find a download for it.

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Bro thanks for the info but I didn't find any option as such in Accessibility....can you help me more on this?

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Hi mentos_dbz,
Gesture can be applied to switch track, play and pause. Volume I don't see such options

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If this is the case then there will be problem after some periods as physical button volume might get damaged or flatten out. Atleast gesture will be helpful in this case.