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Suggestion: Accessory

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@Anders_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS I have a suggestion for an accessory that can be very helpful.
Can Asus manufacture an accessory like aero active cooler but without the fan, just the 3.5mm jack and usb type-c port?
I feel that aero active cooler is way too expensive and the fan doesn't even make that much of a difference like Black Shark fun cooler or Red Magic Cooler.
Without the fan it will be cheaper and appeal to more people. and without the fan it can be made more slimmer and easier to carry as well. It will also be very helpful while gaming and bypass charging can be also be used along with earphones.


Rising Star I

You can get the Funcooler Pro. It works with the ROG Phone 3 and is way better in cooling than the aero fan and MUCH cheaper too.

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Funcooler is not available in my country and it seems like it doest have both type-c and headphone jack.
In case you have it, does it support bypass charging?

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Hey Thanks for the feedback.
I will forward the same to the concerned team.