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Some serious issues in ROG Phone 3

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1) I can't able to connect my twitch account in game genie of my ROG Phone 3 . I don't even see a option for connecting it . I also have the problem of choosing a brand YouTube account . This seriously irritates me a lot. I was so excited of Inbuilt streaming feature .But un fortunately it's useless all the way. Asus Please give solution for both the Problems. I have latest firmware and the phone is not rooted.
2) Another bug which I face is the back button and recent app button doesn't work properly after the latest update. When I am in whatsapp and when I click a chat it doesn't goes inside the chat and when I come back it doesn't comes to home I click multiple times to come back. A small bug please rectify it.
3) Third one is Notification bug when I am in youtube watching a video and if any notification comes in normal sound mode my youtube video sound goes to zero until I swipe the notification on the screen. It's not even lowering the youtube sound goes to zero until I swipe the notification.
4) Fourth one is black crush issue. Initially I faced black crush in mostly all the videos in Netflix youtube . But I left it .But now even in camera I see black crush and this literally not fair in dark conditions
5) And sometimes when I swipe from top to see notification the phone locks automatically I don't know why again I read my fingerprint to unlock the phone don't know why.
Please upvote if you guys face these issues..


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Due to user-experience issues, we decided to remove the Twitch integration from Game Genie. If that's your streaming platform of choice, I recommend you look for third-party alternatives on Google Play Store. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this. Game Genie does not support channel switching, so you'll have to set your intended channel as the default one for your Youtube account.
As for the black crush issue, we're working on improving it. Check out the big thread for more information on the subject.
Regarding your other issues, it would be helpful if you could provide more details and video showing the problems in action.