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Same problem here with ROG 5 Controller issue.

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I've been trying all over the place to try to post someone that can do something about my problem.
I have the kunai Gamepad 3 but when I look at it under my hardware and my phone settings it says it's a 2 and not a 3.

However when using Bluetooth it comes up as the proper name kunai Gamepad 3.

Would someone at ASUS please address this problem and give us a firmware update for the proper controller!?

THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH MY PHONE. So I'm not sending it back to have my motherboard robbed.

The problem is in the firmware of the controller itself. Why won't you do an over-the-air update to fix this problem!?
People have been complaining about this since DECEMBER OF 2020!


Left stick version 3.3.3/ Right stick version 3.1.0. (using ROG 5, 16gb ram/256gb rom global version)
Has most recent update version .188

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I think someone explained this before; the Kunai 3 Gamepad is considered the 2nd Kunai in Asus' product sequence.

1st Gamepad: Gamevice
2nd Gamepad: Kunai 2 (1st gen)
3rd Gamepad: Kunai 3 (2nd gen)

There was never a Kunai 1 Gamepad as their first controller was called the Gamevice so technically the Kunai 2 Gamepad is the 1st Kunai Gamepad, that's why you are seeing the Kunai 3 Gamepad as 2 because it is the 2nd gen Kunai. If your gamepad is working fine, then you can just ignore the naming scheme and firmware numbers as each controller works differently; the right depends on the left as the left is the main controller

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Also I have the newest gamepad. WHATEVER it's numbered.

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Thank you very much for the clarification. I understand what you're saying.
However my gamepad while in handheld mode (Direct USB connection) randomly stops working.
Bluetooth works fine though. So far. 😬
But the USB problem is frustrating, and making my gaming highly unpredictable and unstable.

To my knowledge THIS has never been addressed/fixed by anyone that's had this problem.

It's not right that I spent$250.00 USD on this controller, and even in handheld mode, I have to use Bluetooth connection instead of USB if I want my gaming uninterrupted.

Someone needs to address THIS issue ASAP, and come up with a simple solution. I had to buy my controller from another COUNTRY because the only ones being sold here in the USA were scalpers, and RIDICULOUS prices.

Is it really so hard to provide an update to the firmware like they did the aero coolers? It did it simply by connecting it to my ROG 5 automatically.

Left stick version 3.3.3 Right stick version 3.1.0 Bluetooth version 3.0.8.