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ROG3 Phone Updated Now Have NO Data Connection

Star I

Here I go again with an update breaking a key feature of my phone. My data just says no connection after update i've restarted the phone and took sim card in and out. So know I am backing up my phones data going and going to factory reset but not going to hold my breath that it'll fix the problem.

I have never had a phone have so many issues with just simple updates. The update claims to have "optimized phone stability " yes thanks for the optimization I currently cant call or text.


Star II

I am having the same problem. The WiFi Mac is showing "unavailable". It is really insane. Updates should be tested property before getting released.

Star I

Mine wifi not function on my Rog 3. Like functional disable.

Star I

So mine eventually just fixed itself throughout the night I have no idea why, I didn't do a thing. I hope yours corrects itself also.