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ROG Phone 3 vs 5 vs 6 Comparison Video and I'm still really happy with my ROG Phone 3 16GB Edition.

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Asus ROG Phone 6 VS Asus ROG Phone 5 VS Asus ROG Phone 3 - YouTube
No need to upgrade, I even can't say if it's not more a Downgrade ( except the Headphone Jack )


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I agree with you. Just DO NOT upgrade to the Android 12 ASUS is offering Stay on the 11 for now. There is lots of us with the ROG3 that upgraded to the 12 and are experiencing lots issues. Main issue is can't make and receive calls.
As for the headphone jack, i use it on the fan attachment.

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The biggest downgrade for me year on year is the reducing amount of accessories. The ROG Phone 3 had the most amount of accessories, and the same ones were upgraded from the ROG Phone 2. The other thing am not sure if the open vents helped but the overheating stories for the ROG Phone 5 have not been comforting..

"Asus ROG Phone 6 VS Asus ROG Phone 5 VS Asus ROG Phone 3 Full Specification Comparison
Disclaimer. We can not guarantee that the information on this video is 100% correct."

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