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Rog Phone 3 screen looks very grainy

Rising Star I

Firmware Version: 17.0823.2007.47
The display of my Rog Phone 3 looks really grainy and this increasea with refresh rate.
The screen looks like it has a matte screen protector installed on it and it looks really pronounced at full brightness.
It is even visible on the Apex Galactic Armor wallpaper.
Is it normal? Or is my display faulty?
Please answer me ASUS Mods
@ARP_ASUS @Anders@Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS
Thank You


Rising Star I
Awesome. Thanks.

Star III
@ARP_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS I'm also facing this problem, should I replace the phone?

Star II
I have the same issue.

Rising Star I
I am also facing this issue.

Star III
So, I'm impatiently waiting for the US release. I've been bugging ASUS to try to find out when it was going to be sold in the US (Ver A) (Still no idea - if anyone knows, let me know.)
I'm seeing a LOT of bugs and issues on here - and it seems crazy to me that I would spend 1000-1500 USD on this - overheating, screen issues, etc.
Can someone tell me if it is worth it or not? When the US release is? If there are any bugs NOT fixable via update, and what warranty I'd be looking at?
My email is