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Rog phone 3 near its end of life

Zen Master I
First of all I'd like to request information regarding available officially supported service centers in my area in case I ever need repairs
So @Gustav_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @Christine_ASUS help me out through DMs if you can
Now on to the reason of why the phone is subject to die in a few months or so
Ok so,I'm a heavy user,I use the phone just as it was advertised to me,with bypass charging,extreme gaming on max graphics,long gaming sessions etc.
Due to summer season,and my habit of abusing thermals since I bought the phone all the way back in 20th of October,I have kept a habit of gaming on 48-52 celcius system temp every single day on games like PUBG,Genshin impact,Honkai impact etc,Emulators like Dolphin and Citra etc,and rarely benchmarks like 3dmark,geekbench and antutu
My problems and weariness came to be around mid of June,where I got treated to 2 different signs of a dead IC chip,similar to the whole Rog 2 ordeal
The first and second sign happened in an interval of 2 days
The first happened while playing pubg for about an hour,on the Godzilla update. While specifically having a heated encounter with Kong at the sanhok map,the phone turned off in snap and wouldn't turn on for about a solid minute. The temps hovered around 48c system temp,so it can't be a safety measure by the soc,considering I've gamed on 53c in the past and nothing happened
The second sign happend the next day on Genshin impact on the 1.6 update. While again having a heated battles with hilichurls,the phone stayed frozen without sound and nothing functioned,so I had to force turn it off,which then it stayed off for a few seconds and then I managed to turn it on again
Since then,I haven't noticed any other anomalies like those,and the phone is still the same as it was when I bought it,but I still am scared that phone will randomly die at any moment,since due to my research,I figured out that instead of slowly dying like Rog 2,it will be a 1 time permanent thing which I'll need to visit a repair center
So again,help me out mods,in case I need a trustworthy repair center,I don't want to get scammed or get a half done job