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Rog Phone 3 Armoury Crate GPU/ Charging bug

Rising Star I
Firmware: WW.47
In the Armoury Crate App, normal GPU idle is 670 MHz. I don't know why it is this high when even desktop/laptop GPUs idle at 300MHz.
But when it is charging the GPU idles at 490 MHz. Is it a bug? or Is it intentional? Also is there a reason for high GPU idle clocks?
Here are some pics:
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Community Legend III
Short answer is that's just how it is. My device keeps the GPU at 670 MHz when I connect the charger, but I wouldn't worry about is as long as you don't experience any issues related to charging your phone.

Rising Star I
No issues but can we do anything reduce GPU idle when not charging at least to the same 490MHz. Maybe we could squeeze more battery out of the already long lasting battery 🙂
"That's how it is" is ok. But is it required to idle high.
So are you saying yours doesn't reduce clocks while charging?@Gustav_ASUS.
The change is not instant, it takes some time to reduce as far as I could see.