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ROG phone 3, a bunch of issues started alongside sim card not detected

Star III

Model Name: ROG phone 3 strix edition

Firmware Version: 17.08323.2104.147 latest I got since the device factory reset

Rooted or not: not

Frequency of Occurrence: settings app stops working each time I access Network and internet Settings, phone app stops working each time I try to make a call and device auto reboots or restarts every 5 minutes when it boots up

APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): don't think this is related to any app installed as safe mode didn't prevent the auto restart from happening.

Is it justified for service center to charge you for the price of a replacement motherboard when device is already out of warranty and the cause of hardware defect is not due to user's negligence but on brand company's neglect to reminder user how to care and prevent this defect?


Community Manager
Community Manager
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