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ROG 3 version 31.0210.0210.303 wifi and hotspot not turning on

Star II

Model Name: ROG 3
Android version 12

Firmware Version: version WW31.0210.0210.303
Rooted or not: Not Rooted
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Wifi & Hotspot is not turning on


I have read posts with same problem and it points out to replacing motherboard. but since their version is not the same as what is with mine, I believe its not a motherboard problem. Other resources have encountered this from rog phone 5 too. could you please help me check for a solution for these problems?






Thanks for sharing Makuri.

I have tried to update my unit with .309 just moments ago but the problems were still encountered (cannot connect with wifi and cannot turn on hotspot)

Were there any steps that needs to be taken in addition to installing the new update?

For me, it's just the update, which fixed my wifi. 

You may need to restart. 



Hello jonathan1,


Were you able to connect to the hotspot after downgrading?


If you have already done a rest and the following steps on this FAQ, you may need to visit your nearest service center:


Hello @keren_ASUS 

thanks for reading this thread. I am not yet able to downgrade and try .272 as I am not yet familiar with the steps on how to do it. I am however able to upgrade to .309 but problem is still occuring. As MAKURI suggested, restart of the phone has also been done along with removing apps but problems are still encountered.

for the steps within I am only able to do steps 1,6,7, and 9 as I am not able to turn on the wifi. 

I have tried to ask the nearest service center and they told me that I would need to give them the phone and it would take 2 weeks just to have an 'investigation' and they are not sure if they would be able to fix it.

Paying, giving the phone, and waiting for a 2-week investigation with no guaranteed fix is a bit too much for me as I need the phone for my daily work (hence prompting for the .309 auto upgrade).