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ROG 3 version 31.0210.0210.303 wifi and hotspot not turning on

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Model Name: ROG 3
Android version 12

Firmware Version: version WW31.0210.0210.303
Rooted or not: Not Rooted
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Wifi & Hotspot is not turning on


I have read posts with same problem and it points out to replacing motherboard. but since their version is not the same as what is with mine, I believe its not a motherboard problem. Other resources have encountered this from rog phone 5 too. could you please help me check for a solution for these problems?






My problem was completely different from yours. I was able to use wifi but not able to turn on hotspot at the same time. It was showing "error" on the hotspot section in settings.

Lastly after some reasearch and factory data I observed it was happening due to the Galaxy Watch 4 plugin app download from Play Store.

After Deleting the app everything became normal I was able to use wifi and hotspot at the same time.

Have you got an idea for any similar app with Galaxy Watch 4 plugin?

I have not connected my phone to any android watch so I am not sure what the app needs to be removed from my unit

After a Hard Reset. I tried to setup phone freshly. And instantly tried the wifi hotspot issue it was working for me. After installing applications 1 by 1 I found that the galaxy watch 4 plugin app was the culprit which was messing with the system files so I uninstalled it and it's working till now.

I don't use the galaxy watch 4 any more and use Oppo watch 

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Hmm how weird. I have the same exact issue

Rising Star II

Are you trying to switch on both together? if yes it will not work. Its a known bug which is outside of ASUS developer capabilities to fix it 😕. If individualy it is not switching on it can be motherboard issue.