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REQUEST for 10 Band equalizer

Rising Star I

Model Name: ROG 3
Firmware Version: .58
Rooted or not: No
Hi ASUS Mods,
I had previously asked for better distortion control on the phone speakers.
Now while I was listening to music on Amazon music app I was just playing around with the equaliser settings ( the one in the app ) and found out that if i amplify 230Hz the sound has more depth and sounds really bass-y and has far less distortions than amplifying the 60Hz or 150Hz settings ( both in the app and the phone settings ).
So i request you guys to give us 10 or more band equalizer so that we can amplify such frequencies. Since the speaker is capable of amplifying these frequencies better without much distortion and we can't really expect to amplify 60 or 150Hz that much.
Please consider this @ARP_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS .


Hall of Fame III
I can forward your feedback. Thank you for your input

Rising Star I
THANK YOU for forwarding my feedback.