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Please activate Airtel and Jio 5G in India

Rising Star II
Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
I'm on FULLY STOCK ROG3 India version on latest A12 stable update
Airtel 5G works on my mom's phone that's Samsung. On my ROG3, it clearly shows that I don't have 5G enabled on my device WHILE I do have 5G and 5G SA modes in settings app.
Please help!

Star I
Same for me. Although the 5G toggles/settings are available, Airtel doesn't show 5G "software compatibility" on ROG3.

Running STOCK OFFICIAL ROG3 India version on latest A12 UPDATE (31.0210.0210.243).
Please help out with what needs to be done here!

Community Legend II
Hi Deepan,
The services should go live soon for all the supported ASUS/ROG Smartphones which are 5G capable. There will be an announcement for the same.

Rising Star II
Ok and ROG3 would NOT be left alone only because it's a really good performing OLD DEVICE, right?
If this understanding is correct, THANKS!☺️👏

Star III
Yes I'm facing same issue... Please provide software update ASAP...