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Performance stress test no.2

Zen Master I
Been a while since I made a post about this but on my profile you can find the other post

This link will take you to a video of mine where I test how long it will take for a demanding game to heat up this phone,the room temperature was around 27 but outside around 1,which helped in this experiment
I will mention that it was maxed out with hardcore tuning and EVERYTHING on red,with the aeroactive cooler on lvl 3,the video was taken around November,so it means it was at .99 firmware(if I remember correctly)
Enjoy the video,and when I have a stable internet connection in the future I will upload and share some similar tests,mainly pubg and genshin impact,two of the most demanding and popular games that throw all phones on their knees
Except this one,and my videos are proof of that
P.S the purpose of these threads are to shade some light on the performance/gaming topics of this phone and make people proud to own it and of course to NOT be afraid to use their phones on their maximum potential,and lastly,it's to prove again and again that in gaming and performance,it shreds the whole mobile gaming competition

Star III
Я горжусь что у меня Асус рог фон 3 хоть и у меня и тайванска версия от тенсент геймс 865+12 оперативы в антуту набирал без кулера шысот сорок тысяч с копейками