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No Australian Plans/ETA for VoLTE/VoWIFI for ROG Phone 3 (ASUS email reply)

Star III
ASUS got back to me today after I followed up with them after they assured me back in July that they would be testing and implementing VoLTE for the ROG Phone 3 in Australia for telcos here.
The update is that they have implemented VoLTE and VoWIFI for the ROG Phone 5 and ZenFone 8 but have zero plans, ETAs or any info if they will ever add the feature to the ROG Phone 3 or earlier. Despite the fact that 3g network is being switched off in just a few years here in Australia. Not to mention just about every other phone has VoLTE in Australia except the ROG Phones.
The VoLTE and VoWIFI they've "added" to the ROG Phone 5 and ZenFone 8 does not work in Australia either as they have yet to do certification with the telcos (to ensure it works with emergency numbers etc). So no ROG phone has VoLTE in Australia still.
SO I have decided to sell my Rog Phone 3 and switch to Samsung/Google because I'm done supporting a company that gives zero shits about its loyal fanbase.
I am even more pissed off they kept gaslighting me for a year, promising me they were working on the feature and it would be tested and implemented Q4 2021/Q1 2022. To be told that they are now not even currently considering the ROG Phone 3 for VoLTE support is a slap in the face and really pisses me off. Just a complete joke of a company.
Flagship, $1600 AUD phone and they can't be bothered to take the short amount of time to certify the feature on their phones. Considering the money they charge for these phones they most certainly can afford to add this feature for every telco in every major country they sell officially in.