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Kunai Gamepad 3 not working in USB mode with my ROG 5.

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Star III
Can someone please help with this problem I'm having with my gamepad.
I have a brand new rog5 and a brand new kunai Gamepad 3.

Firmware on gamepad is 3.3.3 on the left stick, and 3.1.0 on the right stick. I also have the most recent update on my rog5. (16gb/256gb global rom.)

My Bluetooth is working just fine, but my USB connection is not. It is intermittent.

While playing games, it will suddenly quit working randomly. Sometimes if I switch it up to Bluetooth when it does this, then back it will fix it for a while, but then it does it again.

Other times I have to completely disassemble both sticks from the phone.

But the same thing happens. It works for a while and quits. Can someone for God's sake help with this issue, or someone provide a firmware update??
PLEASE. I spent $2,000 USD on my setup, and that's a LOT of money to have a problem like this.

Thank you.