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Errors/Issues during Build Upgrade

Rising Star II
I have a thought, whenever we update new build some issues comes up which was not actually issues but a build cache issues. Which can cleared out when we do Factory Data Reset.
Opening this thread to understand if we can include the cache clear also so that it will be clean install because after every build update users can't factory reset the data. i know the users who will be facing issue will be less number but that's no a good experience for users.
Any thoughts and suggestions @Danishblunt @Matti @matteo.gramaglia@ARP_ASUS @Mattias @Admin

Hall of Fame I
From what I understand is that on a firmware upgrade it should do exacly that already. Most issues are actually not caused by cache as they still persist even after clearing cache but because somewhere a file hasnt been written to the phone properly, which in turn causes all sorts of issues.

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@Danishblunt If we give the option to reinstall the same version again...that save the Phone reset...Other brands I have used have option to re-download and re-install the same version again. If we also get the same option..file will be installed properly.

Rising Star II
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