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Dual WiFi & HayperFusion Really Works?

Star III
I tried these two functions many times but the results I am getting is nothing, single WiFi connection gives me arround 25mbps speed, when I tried using dual WiFi... I am still getting same speed.... no difference at all!
Similarly, HyperFusion as well, there is no difference at all!!
Anyone tried this!!! Please let me know is these concepts really genuine or just a big name!!!!!

Rising Star II
First, does your router support dual WiFi? Also, how do you know hyperfusion does not work? Did you perform control test? Is your WiFi network getting disconnected frequently, and enabling hyperfusion does nothing to stabilise the WiFi?

Star III
I have dual band wifi, with 500MB. In single connection I have all speed. In dual also. I think fusion is for stability not increase speedy

Community Legend II
For Hyperfusion you can refer this:
[Phone] What is HyperFusion? | Official Support | ROG Global

Star III
xihe- yes i have two WiFi connection (2.4hz & 5hz) and I tried mobile+WiFi as well with every step! But I think it's just for stability purpose nothing else

rZEnd- yes you are right I think it's for stability purpose only like other mobile, i thought asus create something different than other company XD!