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Asus ROG 3 - Android 11 ETA

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Model Name: ZS661KS-6A006IN | Firmware Version: 17.0823.2104.147

Recently bought the phone to enjoy my games, but looks like all the users are awaiting for the Android 11 upgrade for a very long time.
I previously owned Pixel 4, which drags me further down (from 12 to 10), I badly request the admin and moderators to share the official ETA of Android 11 upgrade. With such huge fanbase and great phone hardware in our hands, its really frustrating to stay with old generation of SW.

Waiting for a positive response! 🤞
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I am from kerala and still on A10 .147 build...

FOTA showing my device up to date

What about you bro?

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Got OTA update on August 8th.