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Asus_I003DD Rog Phone 3 India, Hypercharge port not working, side port works fine fine

Hey guys, issue is from Jan 1 2021,
Hypercharge won't work with the prescribed asus brick wall charger, but if I connect any other charger type c cable it works fine. Checked if the issue is with power or charger it isn't since the side port works perfectly fine. Attaching a video of the same. Please help.
Version updated to 17.0823.2012.122 long back!
Did not find a relevant issue thread hence creating new one.

Update: Asus India Reached out to me and have asked me to visit their service centre to submit the device & its charger, will keep you folks updated.

it is 2023 now, the issue is still there.. felt cheated when I bought it 2 years ago.. ahahha what a waste