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After My Phone Got a Black screen while playing PUBG and repairing found front camera aint working

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: Rog 3 512gb with aeroactive cooler 3
Firmware Version: Version WW-18.0410.2203.201
Rooted or not: no
while playing PUBG as usuall . suddenly the screen black out and game sound and phone still working
i tried to restart , force restart , i still feel the vibration alert while phone is starting or trying to type the lock screen pass , but the screen still black out with no sign of anything
please help me eplain what is this !!!!

I send it to repair shop
he told me that the screen is ok but something wrong in other part
i recieved the phone (attached vid) and the old issue returned and
front camera aint working
plzzzzzzzzz help me

I would recommend you to take the phone to your closest ASUS Repair Center and let them have a look 🙂

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