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5G Software Update Required

Star I

Hello Team, 

We need 5G software update urgent basis for ROG 3 in India. We spend around 50 to 60k for Rog3. So your responsibility to provide 5g update. Atlist broadcast message to public when you will give 5g update for Rog3. Plese understand our filling otherwise Asus will lose geniune Asus Customers hope you will give any response to my message.



Star II

Yeah! i spent My money on wrong device i don't recommend anyone to purchase ROG PHONE series.. Apple is better then ASUS ROG Phones. chek security services last update is 1st September 2022 its show your device is not secured righ now anything happens anytime we want better device like secure device, Bug freee that's it. ROG3, 5, 6 all ROG mats face many issue, Take survey and then Launch new device. 

Community Manager
Community Manager
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