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Star III
【Version】 V1.15.40.35_20140715_3795 【Model Name】 A500CG/A501CG 【Release Date】 2014/07/17 【Release Note 】 1. Improved audioquality2. Improved APPcompatibility3. Improved Modemstability4. Improve systemstability5. Improved powersolution6. Improved WiFi /BT compatibility7. Added TLV filefor THA8. Web addresstyped on Quick Memo is now correctly displayed9. Enhance 3rdparty app compatibility10. Modify thebehavior of Ultra-saving mode in Power saver App11. Improve theoverall stability of Home Cloud functions and optimize the UI and wording12. Improve thestability of Sound recorder and modify the Date format13. Fix the issuesof dual SIM call duration settings and Messaging SIM card info display14. update officeviewer app15. Improve thestability of Browser App16. View Flip Cover: Flashlight –easy to use flashlightfeature