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ZS570kl Bootloop of hell with ASUS ZF3 deluxe special edition

Star I
Model: ZS570KL(Deluxe)
Description: ZS570kl Bootloop of hell with ASUS ZF3 deluxe special edition
App Name:
Rooted: No
Frequency of Occurrence:
Firmware/App Version: No idea as it did it automatically.

My niece installed a game called pubg mobile and asked me to play it with her, I was starting the game (which i played many times before with it) and it crashed then entered into a bootloop the some call restarting indefinitely, I can't turn it off to try to make the recovery not even holding the power button down for x seconds, and it only enters the fastboot mode holding only the volume up but I cannot do anything else with it, I struggled to make it come to life again, but I can't even power it off, only bootloop or fastbootmode as I said before. And I have seen some can fix it doing a flash with usb but I apparently can't as I can't get it to turn off or get out of the bootloop sequence or fastboot mode. I know there must be something with the new firmware as I told the phone to install them automatically but NEVER SPECTED ON A HIGH END PHONE TO HAVE THIS ISSUES, I bought the phone brand new sent from california and if I want to ask for warranty I must send it all the way back from colombia. Does somebody know how to turn it off without the necessity of opening it and unplugging and re pulugging the battery or is there another way to flash it, I tried to hold down the powerbutton for way more than 20 secs but it doesn't do anything it only keeps rebooting, and the only thing I can do is to get it into the fast boot mode but I can't see any menu or anything. It's like the last update of the firmware didn't install propperly and once there is a shutdown this problem comes on all these asus phones as I read in many forums I couldn't reply due to date limit for answers. The other thing I see is that in fast boot mode I can't get the phone to go all the way up on a 100% charging it only reaches 96% but the phone was perfect and everything with power during normal hours and everything I know it's not a battery issue it only crashed trying to run pubg mobile and then entered into the bootstate. I also died like no response no charge until i plugged it into my pc, like the data leads gave it power enough to revive and receive charge to the battery, I have fixed my self many cellphones and laptops for more than 17 years, the thing is that I do not want to open my phone, so, is there any way to shut it down? any secret sequence with buttons. Thanks in advance. and ASUS TEAM please be aware of what you guys release as an update, I've had to fix millions of computers due to updates but never spected this to happen on a "high end range phone".