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Speed drop on ASUS XT8 AX in PPPoE router mode for 1GB fibre

System: ASUS ZenWiFi AX (XT8)
Battery or AC: AC
Model: AX6600
Frequency of occurrence: constant
Reset OS: Updated to latest firmware, rebooted and reset to factory settings
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:I have recently updated my broadband to BT full fibre 900, due to my Wi-fi needs and the fact that I have an old house with stone walls I use the ASUS zen Wi-fi XT8 pair to make sure i have full Wi-fi coverage around the house. I have set it up in PPPoE router mode directly connecting to the ONT via a Cat 8 Ethernet and the status is showing that the WAN has 1GB connectivity.
When I check the speed using the speed test utility on the admin page of the router i get the speeds below (900MB Download) however when I connect my laptop directly to LAN1 (also showing 1GB connection) I get a speed of 500GB Download (see below 2nd pic). The same speed applies if I am connected via Wi-fi 5Ghz next to the router.
I have tried to reboot and factory reset, as well as ensuring that the firmware is up to date. I have also tried to set switch control to Jumbo Frame enabled, however all of these have not solved the issue of what looks to be a level of throttling between the native fibre speed into the router and what i can get out of LAN or Wi-fi. Please could someone help with any advice to help me speed up my bandwidth?